NHMC’s Recommendation To Apartment Owners To Help Residents Cope Up With Corona Outbreak

Posted by Bethany Finch // March 24, 2020

Corona outbreak has brought in a slow down and even shut down in lots of social and economic activities. Social gatherings, functions are being cancelled or postponed, businesses have been closed temporarily and most of the people are choosing to stay with in the premises of their homes and not venturing out much to prevent […]

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The Best Cities to Invest In Apartment Buildings

Posted by Bethany Finch // March 20, 2020

When it comes to investing in properties, usually people prefer bigger and expensive cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver etc but in today’s economy when the new jobs are being created at the lower end hence people do not have the financial muscle to invest in expensive properties. Rather they would prefer to live on […]

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Why You May Not Want to Sell Your House By Yourself

Posted by Bethany Finch // March 5, 2020

A real estate investor who has bought a distressed property or a property not in perfect and pristine condition, looks to refurbish and sell the property at a higher rate. In order to enhance their profit margins, they often seek to save money from every possible source, from the closing costs or not paying commissions […]

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Purchasing Your First Rental Property

Posted by Bethany Finch // February 17, 2020

Nothing like having a lucrative rental property for your long-term financial security. Through quick flips and rehabs, you may make some quick money, but a good rental property could take you to another league altogether. Rental properties not only bring in a rich monthly income but can accumulate to give you enough financial muscle to […]

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Investing In Apartment Buildings

Posted by Bethany Finch // February 10, 2020

Usually people like to buy or invest in single family homes. For home buyers buying single family homes make sense as they intend to live there but in case of investors, they are out to make money and seeking to get the best returns on their investment. Investing in single family properties though can give […]

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Emerging Trends in Real Estate: US and Canada

Posted by Bethany Finch // February 6, 2020

Seven US cities make it to the list of this year’s top ten markets for the real estate investors and developers. Something to celebrate and rejoice, as prospects of lucrative real estate deals and big profits are up for grabs for aware, dynamic and informed real estate money bags. The reasons behind this positive outlook […]

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Pets or Service Animals

Posted by Bethany Finch // January 27, 2020

Pet dogs occupy a special place in the heart of the owners. They are so beautiful, innocent, playful and loyal to the core. But if you have got an Airbnb property and one of the guests decided to bring their pet dog along then there are chances that pet dog might end up cause destruction […]

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The Law of Order

Posted by Bethany Finch // January 20, 2020

To accomplish anything in life, an orderly and disciplined effort is a must. When you work, if you line up your tasks of the day in the order of their priority and work them out in a focussed manner then there is a strong possibility that you will complete all your tasks much before the […]

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Most affordable places to Live in Washington

Posted by Bethany Finch // January 13, 2020

This beautiful and charming state, located in the Pacific NorthWest, attracts people from all over the country and even different parts of the world because of its natural beauty, moderate climate and being home to global technology behemoths. Most of the cities rank high on the liveability index offering best in the housing, healthcare, cleanliness, […]

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Home Improvement Tips for Homeowners in Arlington WA

Posted by Bethany Finch // January 6, 2020

Arlington is a gorgeous small town located on the banks of Stillaguamish river, at the western foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range. The median home value in Arlington is $404,400.00, which is far lower than average home prices in the region’s powerhouse Seattle. There are many homeowners in Arlington who would want to move to […]

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