The Law of Order

Posted by Bethany Finch // January 20, 2020

To accomplish anything in life, an orderly and disciplined effort is a must. When you work, if you line up your tasks of the day in the order of their priority and work them out in a focussed manner then there is a strong possibility that you will complete all your tasks much before the […]

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Most affordable places to Live in Washington

Posted by Bethany Finch // January 13, 2020

This beautiful and charming state, located in the Pacific NorthWest, attracts people from all over the country and even different parts of the world because of its natural beauty, moderate climate and being home to global technology behemoths. Most of the cities rank high on the liveability index offering best in the housing, healthcare, cleanliness, […]

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Home Improvement Tips for Homeowners in Arlington WA

Posted by Bethany Finch // January 6, 2020

Arlington is a gorgeous small town located on the banks of Stillaguamish river, at the western foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range. The median home value in Arlington is $404,400.00, which is far lower than average home prices in the region’s powerhouse Seattle. There are many homeowners in Arlington who would want to move to […]

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Some Tips to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor

Posted by Bethany Finch // December 23, 2019

Investing in real estate, like any other investment is done with the primary intention of making money, some people do it as a side hustle while for others it becomes their main means to earn bread and butter. Real estate investment is indeed very rewarding when it is done with proper preparation, acquiring requisite knowledge […]

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Is Arlington City a Good Place to Live??

Posted by Bethany Finch // December 16, 2019

Arlington with a population of 19,212, is a medium sized town located in northern Snohomish County, This city is located on the banks of Stillaguamish River, next to the city of Marysville. In Arlington you will find an interesting mix of people of people with diverse athnic backgrounds, professions and you can hear Tagalog and […]

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Win Wednesday – 11th Dec 2019

Posted by Bethany Finch // December 12, 2019

Hey everyone. It’s Bethany Finch with American-made Home Solutions. And I know it’s getting close to Christmas time. So everybody’s excited about getting some new things. I know I like new things and I know many others like new things, but more importantly about the Christmas season. It’s more about the giving than it is […]

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Places to see in Washington State

Posted by Bethany Finch // December 9, 2019

Washington State boasts of Seattle which is a big attraction for technology professionals, businessmen, and tourists from around the world, considering the presence of top-notch technology companies and other global businesses. But the economic activity of Seattle is not all that makes Washington state so renowned. There are places of serene, scenic beauty that are […]

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Best neighborhoods in Seattle!

Posted by Bethany Finch // December 2, 2019

Wallingford: This neighborhood, located between Lake union and Green lake, is one of the best places to live in Seattle. Wallingford is named after a rich landowner who owned almost the entire neighborhood. In the 1980s this area was merged with the Seattle and thus began the amazing story of its economic transformation that has […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Posted by Bethany Finch // November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! This is usually such a happy time for most folks but it can also be such a sad time as we remember loved ones that are gone or we may feel all alone because our circumstances have changed. We want to offer you some hope and courage so stay tuned all the way […]

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Why You Should be Aware of Real Estate Market Trends in Washington State?

Posted by Bethany Finch // November 25, 2019

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, unless you do your research on the way the real estate market functioning, the current market trends, you may risk losing a lucrative real estate deal because it is important to know whether the market is buyer or seller oriented. Timing is of prime importance, the market […]

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