Places to see in Washington State

Posted by Bethany Finch // December 9, 2019

Washington State boasts of Seattle which is a big attraction for technology professionals, businessmen, and tourists from around the world, considering the presence of top-notch technology companies and other global businesses. But the economic activity of Seattle is not all that makes Washington state so renowned. There are places of serene, scenic beauty that are […]

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Best neighborhoods in Seattle!

Posted by Bethany Finch // December 2, 2019

Wallingford: This neighborhood, located between Lake union and Green lake, is one of the best places to live in Seattle. Wallingford is named after a rich landowner who owned almost the entire neighborhood. In the 1980s this area was merged with the Seattle and thus began the amazing story of its economic transformation that has […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Posted by Bethany Finch // November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! This is usually such a happy time for most folks but it can also be such a sad time as we remember loved ones that are gone or we may feel all alone because our circumstances have changed. We want to offer you some hope and courage so stay tuned all the way […]

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Why You Should be Aware of Real Estate Market Trends in Washington State?

Posted by Bethany Finch // November 25, 2019

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, unless you do your research on the way the real estate market functioning, the current market trends, you may risk losing a lucrative real estate deal because it is important to know whether the market is buyer or seller oriented. Timing is of prime importance, the market […]

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Opportunity Zones, What are they are they worth the hulabaloo?

Posted by Bethany Finch // February 14, 2019

So what exactly is an Opportunity Zone and why all the buzz? The Qualified Opportunity Zone (“QOZ”) program was created by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to encourage economic growth in underserved communities through tax incentives for investors who utilize “Opportunity Funds” to invest in the Zones. Along with tax benefits, it presents […]

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What a great way to explore! Such a hoot!

Posted by Bethany Finch // February 13, 2019

We love meeting other business owners and learning what it is that they are doing to make a difference in this ever changing world. As we ventured up to Victoria British Columbia Canada, we rented electric bikes from a new company. We thought it would be a fun way to explore the island and yet […]

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5 Biggest Fears Of Owning A Rental Property (That You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of)

Posted by Bethany Finch // September 20, 2018

A healthy real estate portfolio is one of the keys to true long-term wealth. Even a sole single-family rental can completely change your financial outlook. As much as you may see the upside with a rental, there are a handful of negatives that can be difficult to ignore. There is no question that if you […]

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5 Actions To Take When You Apply For A Traditional Mortgage Loan

Posted by Bethany Finch // September 13, 2018

There are many real estate investors who are utilizing traditional lender programs. With interest rates continuing to slide this has become an increasingly viable option.  As popular as lender programs are not every borrower can get approved.  There are still strict guidelines in place and a mountain of documentation that has to be provided.  With […]

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Looking for a way to make more money yet still have a life?

Posted by Bethany Finch // April 1, 2018

Everyone is looking for a way to make more money  so there is more money left at the end of the month. Are you wanting to leave a legacy for your kids and grandkids? Are you realizing much like the rest of my generation that social security is not going to be there for us […]

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Did the New Year treat you right?

Posted by Bethany Finch // February 21, 2018

Everybody loves the New Year! It’s fresh, it’s motivating, it’s hopeful and encouraging. Now that it is February how do we keep that feeling going all year long. Some people look forward to goal setting for the year and some dread it and put it off because they already feel like a failure. Can I […]

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