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‘Bethany and I have worked together for 12 years each summer with Camp Northwest as she has volunteered her time, energy, and resources to whatever our need was. Many times she was a counselor to a group of 4-10 girls, other times she was a team leader and oversaw multiple cabins and led their counselors to work together as a team. I have found Bethany to be a very hard worker with a high level of commitment. She has proven to be trustworthy and respectful. She can look at the bigger picture and break it down into smaller bite size tasks to accomplish them, as well as guide and direct others to do so as well.’ – Pastor Nathan Damm

“I’ve known Bethany for 11 years and one thing that I really admire about her is perseverance. She is someone who you can count on to get things done. I am so glad that I’ve had the chance to get to know her.”  -Sonya Sconyers

“American Made Home Solutions always paid on time and our company really enjoys working with them!”  Larry Munn, Surface Solutions

“The Scope of Work was complete and thorough, so there was no need for change orders, American Made Home Solutions paid as soon as the job was completed and worked to streamline everything for us.”  Laurie Sand, Valley Painting, Inc.

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