The Law of Order

The Law of Order

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To accomplish anything in life, an orderly and disciplined effort is a must. When you work, if you line up your tasks of the day in the order of their priority and work them out in a focussed manner then there is a strong possibility that you will complete all your tasks much before the scheduled timeline.

Same principle applies to the other areas of your life like personal, health, finances and spiritual. if you are organized and systematic in these areas of life, you will feel a sense of peace, fulfillment and happiness every time, keeping the dreaded stress and pressure at bay.

But if you choose to be like most of the people just trying to make a living, seldom leaving comfort zones and doing things as you please, with no order and discipline than chaos, stress and disharmony will come uninvited and accompany you for the most part of your daily exercise.

As we are entering into a new year so to restore that order and discipline in our lives could be that worthwhile resolution that would fix all the missing pieces and make you super successful in every aspect.

There are 5 steps to apply this law of order in our lives: Admit, Identify, Establish, Implement and Evaluate.


It has been always said that the first step towards solving a problem is to accept that the problem exists, and it needs to be solved. Most of the people go with their lives, facing problems, suffer, portray themselves as victims and never really acknowledge that there is a serious issue in their lives that needs to be tackled proactively.

Look at the pain and the suffering the problem is causing you and admit that the problem exists that needs to be solved and that there is the light at the end of the tunnel.


In this step problem that you have identified in the first step should be explored more deeply, is the problem that all you have, or this issue signifies a deeper underlying malaise. This is important, otherwise you will end up working on an action plan that would not solve your actual problem and you will end up wasting your time and resources.


After identifying the root cause of the actual problem, this step will see the establishment of concrete and detailed action plan to solve the problem.

This step consumes the maximum time because as you will proceed with your freshly minted action plan, new issues may emerge that would initiate some tweaking or change in the existing action plan.

This is an ongoing process, where with time and better understanding, existing plans and processes would be refurbished to make you effective, productive and achieve that balance and harmony in your life.


As they say, “ the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, unless the action plan is not implemented you will not be able to reap the fruits of the efforts gone in the preparation.

You must wake up in the morning and resolve to traverse each course you have carefully chalked out for yourself towards greatness, harmony and peace, being mindful of all the distractions and never ever stray.


Once you start sailing with the implementation part, you may succeed, fail or new set of problems may crop up, which may make you lose your focus, enthusiasm, so a regular evaluation of your attitude, motives and efforts are very important to help you stay on course and persevere.

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