Home Improvement Tips for Homeowners in Arlington WA

Home Improvement Tips for Homeowners in Arlington WA

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Arlington is a gorgeous small town located on the banks of Stillaguamish river, at the western foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range. The median home value in Arlington is $404,400.00, which is far lower than average home prices in the region’s powerhouse Seattle.

There are many homeowners in Arlington who would want to move to Seattle to enjoy a better city life with more amenities, jobs, more options for entertainment, social life and better infrastructure. But homes in Seattle are expensive and to be able to afford them, you need to sell your Arlington homes at good prices. This is where advice and expertise of an experienced realtor in Arlington would come in handy.

Any experienced realtor in Arlington would tell you about the importance of keeping your home in top shape to invite the best offers from the potential buyers. So, get your home inspected by an experienced realtor to get their feedback on the areas to improve. Best part is that most of the realtors would do this review free of cost.

Also, you would get deeper insight on improving your homes with better aesthetics and look by inviting a good and accomplished interior designer who would charge an hourly fee but will give you a good value for your money.

One of the first improvements you must do on priority is to paint your home, a freshly painted home is always a treat for potential buyers. While choosing the colors, do not assume and attempt to cater to the taste of every member of potential buyer’s family as this would be an exercise in futility, you can never make everybody satisfied. So instead use neutral colors like white and grey.

To enhance the curb appeal of the house and ensure that potential buyers do not turn away, even before they enter inside the house, you must ensure that driveway and walkways are neat and tidy. Remove all the clutter on the way like dirt, tools, toys and other unnecessary stuff. If you have a lawn, then make sure it is clean and properly manicured. Clean the front door by painting it, fixing the doorknob, and oiling the hinges. If you have placed any furniture or decoration in the front of the house, make sure they are clean, properly polished and look good.

Kitchen and bathroom are the key areas that must be kept in top shape because most of the buyers get turned off by seeing a poorly maintained or updated kitchen or bathroom. So see to it that countertops are sparklingly clean, free of all the trash, clean the refrigerator, ensure that cabinet doors are clean and sink is shining.

Similarly, in bathrooms, counter tops are clean, faucets look good and replace caulking if they are not in good shape. The toilet should look good and work properly because a leaking toilet could be a deal breaker. Roofs, plumbing and electrical systems must be in top shape because lot of buyers get the house inspected by the experts before making an offer. So be fully prepared, laugh your way to the bank!

If you need help with home improvement and an inspection, you can get in touch with us at 360-380-7493. We work with lots of expert realtors, interior designers, plumbers, electricians and others.

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