Most affordable places to Live in Washington

Most affordable places to Live in Washington

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This beautiful and charming state, located in the Pacific NorthWest, attracts people from all over the country and even different parts of the world because of its natural beauty, moderate climate and being home to global technology behemoths.

Most of the cities rank high on the liveability index offering best in the housing, healthcare, cleanliness, entertainment, utility services and shopping stores.

Being home to so many high-profile industries, places like Seattle have acquired a reputation of being a little expensive and hence out of bounds for the medium to lower budget home buyer.

Here is the list of some of the affordable cities which are modern with first rate infrastructure, beautiful and yet could give a home buyer, a good deal and a great value fir their purchase.

Olympia is the capital of the Washington State and not only that it is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the United States of America. Though not as high profile as Seattle, but it has registered its presence in the spirit of lots of home buyers since 1990 and the population of Olympia has increased exponentially since then. Presence of lots of manufacturing industries in the North also contributed to its growth. Those people seeking some outdoor fun and frolic can head towards nearby popular spots like Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier National Park, and the Washington coast. Here median household income is $52,834 with the median home price stands at $240,800, cheaper than the Washington’s average price.

Richland is a part of the famous Tri-Cities area along with the Pasco and Kennewick. This city is one of the technology hubs of the Washington state. Here average salary is very high, at $69,372 and the average price of the homes is $200,800, which is lower than the state’s average price and hence very affordable. This city is located along the confluence of the Snake and Columbia rivers. In Fact you just take a stroll along the Columbia river and you will be surprised by the different experiences, there could be an outdoor musical concert or you could bump into a play area thronged by people of all ages. Since the place is located on the bank of the river, the land is very fertile and is renowned for its crops of wine grapes, potatoes and grains.

Bothell has become very popular among people who work in Seattle but could not afford the exorbitant home prices there. Bothell is relatively cheaper than Seattle with its average household income at $75,643 and the average home prices at $344,600. This charming city has got something for everybody. Those interested in culture could get a piece of the blast from the past through walks in the urban/rural parks and a 1880s Pioneer Cemetery. Independence Day is observed with lots of enthusiasm and pomp as the freedom festival. Families usually hangout at the various beautiful parks, restaurants and coffee houses.

This city at the proximity to the two prominent urban centres of the region, Seattle and Tacoma. This has not only made Auburn a major gateway to the two powerhouse cities but also a major transportation hub with major roads crisscrossing the city and the presence of Transit Center providing transport facilities like bus, light rail and train. The average income here is $7,635 and the average price of the home is $231,200. For outdoor activities you can head towards the golf courses and racecourses, then there are restaurants and places to watch performing places.

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